Have you already seen our new eco belts online? More colors, more styles and new belt buckles!

They are ideal to be gifts, they are indispensable for an original look, they are hand-made and 100% upcycled.

Buy one belt for only 25 EUR and save up to 0,57 CO2 Emission.

Go green, Go Garbags!

Are you looking for ways to get your company more environmentally friendly? Garbags has a special partnership program for you.

We offer you to create an innovative market advantage for yourself by donating your waste packages to Garbags. And we will transform all of them into stylish and eco products!

Try to think about the waste of your company create in everyday life and to see it in a different light.

Go green, go Garbags!

The most original eco bags by Garbags:

Espresso bags for brave and shiny girls: bright, unique and strong! You will be a real star with this bag wherever you go. Each bag is hand-made, buy one and you will save up to 1,71 Kg of CO2 Emission.

Caramelly bags are for a sportive person. Not only for girls. A big, stylish and strong bag to keep all you need for the day including sports uniforms. Buy one bag and you will save up to 2,66 Kg of CO2 Emission.

Find out more eco bags by Garbags here!

Do you like pets? We have a lot of items made out of used pet food packages. You will like it!

Bright pencil cases with cats and dogs in different sizes to use them at school or at office. Buy one and you will save up to 0,38 CO2 Emission.

Practical and original bookmarks are for only 8 EUR! Must-have for book lovers as well.

Waterproof cases with a special protection for your laptop. 100% upcycled and hand-made. Stylish addition to your look!

 Find more eco accessories with funny pets!

The best opportunity to purchase gifts for all your family and yourself at a special price! Our item that everyone needs – practical documents holder for her and for him. Only one week for only 25 EUR (save up to 10 EUR)!

We have document holders in 2 sizes with different compartments to keep all your notes and coins, cards and bills organized.

Each product is 100% upcycled and hand-made in sunny Lisbon. Buy one and save not only money but also up to 1,52 Kg of CO2 Emission.

Visit our sale now!

Garbags @ Husse

Husse sells premium quality dog and cat food and different accessories for our pets. It is a worldwide brand and environmentally friendly business.

In cooperation with the company we have an opportunity to make various funny and shiny items for pet lovers: stylish bags and original backpacks for people of all ages!

Know more about our B2B program now!

Complete your look with a backpack creating by yourself out of our collections of backpack bases and extra flaps! Each part is hand-made and 100% upcycled.

Backpack bases are made out of strong publicity banners and hold at least 2 Kg. Carry everything you need at work or at college.

Extra flaps, made out of used packages, inner tubes or banners, are colorful and waterproof. Good to use all year round.

With every Garbags product you purchase, you are helping to create a more sustainable world!


Flapme XL bag!

Flapme XL bag!
1 bag - More Upcycling!